The Discworld series - Terry Pratchett

ThecolourofmagicWaouw ! Gosh ! (and other eructing sounds coming their way up from your stomach to your mouth through your larynx).
More than 37 novels regarding the Series, approximatively 12 books "about" it and 4 maps of it.
THAT is what I call a followed universe. So, in front of the huge reading will have to do, let's start NOW with:
The colour of magic and The light fantastic.

Will you take the tour ?Thelightfantastic
Imagine a flat and circular world (like a pizza you know), but carried by 4 elephant standing up on the back of the Great A'Tuin (which is a giant turtle, obviously).
And as easy as that, here you are: on the Discworld !
Feeling a little bit alone ? That's why it will be given to you many... er... interesting fools folks to look after deals with.
The main caracter of these 2 first step in the Discworld will be none others than:
-an obscur and anonimous wizard who cannot perform any kind of the faintest magic in the world.
-the first tourist of the Discworld... And of course his luggage which moves on hundred little legs.
Follow them on their amazing adventure visit to dragon who only exist if you believe in, the edge of this pizza-like planet and, of course for the "Grand finale": the end of the world !

I did:
Irreverent, funny and full of pun which saddly, with my poor level in english, I have missed so many.
Rythm and actions followed smoothly with disguised description of this marvellous and extravagant world Pratchett created.
Hours of laugh, tears and teeth grinding are waiting for you to discover them.

What is waiting for you if you are hooked:
1- The colour of magic / La huitième couleur
2- The light fantastic / Le huitième sortilège
3- Equal rites / La huitième fille
4- Mort / Mortimer
5- Sourcery / Sourcellerie
6- Wyrd sisters / Trois soeurcières
7- Pyramids / Pyramides
8- Guards! Guards! / Au guet !
9- Eric / Eric
10- Moving pictures / Les zinzins d'Olive-Oued
11- Reaper man / Le faucheur
12- Witches abroad / Mécomptes de fées
13- Small gods / Les petits dieux
14- Lords and ladies / Nobliaux et sorcières
15- Men at arms / Le guet des orfèvres
16- Soul music / Accrocs du roc
17- Interesting times / Les tribulations d'un mage en Aurient
18- Maskerade / Masquarade
19- Feet of clay / Pieds d'argile
20- Hogfather / Le père Porcher
21- Jingo / Va-t-en-guerre
22- The last continent / Le dernier continent
23- Carpe jugulum / Carpe Jugulum
24- The fifth elephant / Le cinquième éléphant
25- The truth / La vérité
26- Thief of time / Procrastination
27- The last hero / Le dernier héros
28- The amazing Maurice & his educated rodents / Le fabuleux Maurice et ses rongeurs savants
29- Night watch / Ronde de nuit
30- The wee free men / Les ch'tis hommes libres
31- Monstrous regiment / Le régiment monstrueux
32- A hat full of sky / Un chapeau de ciel
33- Going postal / Timbré
34- Thud! / Jeu de nains
35- Wintersmith / l'hiverrier
36- Making money / Monnayé
37- Unseen academicals / Allez les mages !

*Attention aux lecteurs français, aux vues des différents choix éditoriaux des maisons d'édition ayant publiées les Annales du Disque-monde, certaines équivalences Anglais-Français peuvent être faussées.



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